Mailing client brochures? Let JAFRA do it for you!

Your time is important! Let us take care of the monthly Client Brochure mailing for you, so you have more time to spend meeting new clients, booking parties and building your team.

3 Easy Steps to Succeed with My JAFRA Clients


Simply enter your clients' mailing addresses in your My JAFRA Clients database. You can add, edit or delete client records at any time and there is no limit to how many client names you can store.


Each month you can select which clients should receive a personalized brochure with your contact information printed along with with recipient's mailing adddress.


Follow up with your clients after each mailing cycle. Our data shows that reps who use My JAFRA Clients consistently sell more product.


Why My JAFRA Clients?

My JAFRA Clients mails the monthly Client Brochure (with a personalized note from you!) to your enrolled clients. The brochure arrives early in the first week of the month. All you have to do is follow up with an email, phone call or text for orders!

It's Easy to Enroll and Save You Time and Money

To get stared:

STEP 1: Click the register button, and fill in the easy form to set up your account.

STEP 2: Create your Client mailing list

STEP 3: Select and enroll the Clients you wish to mail the brochure to, then place order online. That’s it!



Mail More! Save More!

$2.00 per name when you enroll and mail 1 to 19 Clients.

$1.90 per name for mailing 20 to 99 Clients

$1.85 per name for mailing 100 or more

Current Month Information

December 2021

Brochures will be mailed

November 21st, 2021

Deadline to place mailing order

November 11th, 2021

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