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My JAFRA Clients is your personalized, online mailing service. Enroll as many clients as you can (we recommend you start with at least 20 client names) to get your My JAFRA Clients business off to a successful start. Each month we will mail your clients a brochure with a personalized message from you including your contact information. All you have to do is follow up for sales!


Q: Is my client list available from previous My JAFRA Clients mailings?
A: Yes, your client mailing list from the last mailing has already been entered into the online database. All you need to do is add new clients or edit existing ones!

Q: Why do I have to have an email account?
A: That's how you will receive your order confirmations, communication about upcoming mailings, retrieve lost passwords etc. In short, it's what drives much of the communication between us and you relating to My JAFRA Clients.

Q: The system doesn't recognize my phone number what should I do?
A: Your Business Phone Number that was on record with the previous My JAFRA Clients program has been entered as a security check. Try using your secondary phone number and if you're still having trouble, contact CRT and we can re-set your phone number for you. Then you'll be able to verify your eligibility and select a new password and login to the system.


Q: When is the deadline for this month?
A: The deadlines for each monthly mailing are displayed on the Home page of the site, just below the login/registration box.

Q: Will I have to change the status of my past clients for my first mailing?
A: Yes - on your first visit & first month participation only. If you were a previous My JAFRA Clients user, all of your previous contacts have been entered into the online database and by default the "Mail This Month" option has been set to "Yes". If you would prefer to have some of your past clients excluded from your first/current monthly mailing you will need to change their mail status to 'No'.

Q: Once I've changed my clients' mailing status once do I need to change it each month?
A: No. Your clients' mailing status will remain what it was for the previous month.

Q: Do I have to place an order or will my mailing simply go out once I'm registered?
A: You will either have to place a manual online order OR switch your account to "Auto Enroll" status. Doing either of the above will tells us you want to participate in the current cycle.

Q. If I switch to auto enrollment during a month, but have not previously completed an order, will my clients still receive that month's mailing?
A. Yes, once a consultant switches to "auto enroll" during the current month that will include them in this and all future months.

Q. If I switch my account to Auto Enroll and then later I switch my account back to Manual Order, will my Clients receive this month's mailing?
A. If you are auto enrolled and then switch back to manual status, the only way you will be included in the current monthly mailing is if you complete a manual order during that month.

Q: How do I pay for my monthly Mailing?
A: Your mailing services will be billed out to your JAFRA business account.

Q: Can I still make changes after I place my order or switch my account to Auto Enroll?
A: Yes. Up until the "cut-off" date (which is the last day you can submit/edit orders for the next month's mailing) you can login to your account and either add new clients to your list to be mailed this month or change the mailing status of existing clients. Your order total will be updated to reflect the total clients selected to receive a brochure during this month.

Q: How can I receive a Brochure in the mail?
A: Add yourself as a Client on your Client list and order a brochure to be mailed.


Q: How do I update my personal information?
A: Login to your account and click on the "Manage Your Account Settings"link

Q: How do I switch my account to Auto Enroll?
A: When you login to your account, your personal home page will show your current enrollment status along with a link to a web form that will allow you to change your account status. Simply make your selection on the form page that follows, click the submit button and your account will be updated. You can also go through the manual order process. At the end of the manual order process, once your order is confirmed, you will be presented with a link to the same page referenced earlier where you can switch your account status.

Q: I can't remember my password, what should I do?
A: Click the link under the "Forgot Your Password?" heading on the home page. Or send us an email at and include your Consultant ID Number we will email your password to you.

Q: What happens to my client list if I'm no longer a JAFRA Consultant?
A: JAFRA retains the right to re-assign your Clients to another Consultant for future service.

Q: Will I automatically be included in future month's mailings?
A: Only if you switch your account to Auto Enroll status (see above). If you keep your account as a Manual Order account, each month you will have to login to your account and place a brochure mailing order to be included in that month's mailing.

Q: Why can't I register or get access to the system?
A: Only eligible consultants may participate in the online My JAFRA Clients program. If you feel you should be eligible, please contact CRT.

Q: I was able to register and set a new password but now I can't log on, why?
A: Check your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) security settings and make sure you can accept "cookies" as they are needed to track your user session.


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